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Update for: National Honor Society

SENIORS - if you have not turned in your Service Hours and Verification form, your last opportunity is Wednesday May 31st before 10am in W116.  You will also need $10 to receive your cord for graduation.

Service & Leadership Verification Form

Current members of the Franciscan Chapter must be involved in a school activity and complete 20 hours of service by May 12, 2017.  On that Friday (5/12), we will distribute your gold cords for gradutation and collect the signed Service & Leadership sheets at 7:30 a.m.-8:15 a.m. in W204; senior lunch in Dr. Sullivan's office; and 2:45 pm-3:15 pm in W204.  Please bring in $10.00 to pay for the cord.

Use this form to verify your activity involvement and service hours:

service ldshp report-senior inducted in 2016.pdf

New members must be involved in a school activity and complete 10 hours of service. 

Seniors inducted in 2017 should use this form:

service ldshp report-senior inducted in 2017_1.pdf

JUNIORS - use this form and submit your report either by Google Classroom or via e-mail ( by May 31st, 11:59 p.m.  If you have not completed your hours, talk to Dr. Sullivan about some upcoming service opportunities.

service ldshp report-junior inducted in 2017_1.pdf

CRITERIA FOR SELECTION to the National Honor Society

Students at SFP are invited to apply for membership in eleventh and twelfth grades.  Students who achieved a cumlative grade point average of 90.00% receive a letter in Cor or at home explaining the criteria for admission.  Seniors are invited in August and must apply in September to receive a decision before Eary Action college deadlines.  Juniors were invited in November to apply by December.

Please review the criteria to see if you meet the requirements for admission:

  • Students must be enrolled and/or completed three honors or Advanced Placement classes (one during the year of application);
  • Students must be of good character with no major disciplinary  infraction or honor code violations;
  • Students must be involved in a SFP club or activity;
  • Students must have completed a combination of 35 hours of community and school service (refer to Steps for a Great NHS Application) for examples.



Our new intstructional video is under production, but feel free to watch the 2015 video to answer most of your application questions.   Instructional Video

Here are some tips for a successful application Steps to a Great NHS Application.pdf

The online application is now closed


Chapter Officers for the 2016-17 school year:

Erica Viscovich, President
Renee Grasso, Vice President
Lindsay Sayour, Secretary