Drug & Alcohol Prevention


Mr. Castellano

Ms. Gambino
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Update for: Drug & Alcohol Prevention

The Drug and Alcohol Prevention team consists of Seniors at St. Francis Prep who have taken a pledge to be drug and alcohol free.  They visit freshmen and sophomore classes to offer guidance and support.  These seniors serve our school and community as good examples by making healthy decisions and are available by appointment to discuss ways in which other students can do the same.  If you would like to meet with a senior on our prevention team or are concerned about someone with a problem in this area please see Dr. Castellano or Mrs. Gambino to make an appointment.  Please accept our help and encouragement to make healthy decisions!


we will be meeting again in september to follow up on the presentations you will be making throughout your senior year.  when we have a copy of your free periods we will be contacting you for the visits to the sophomore religion classes.  we can schedule these visits in the upcoming weeks.  we will schedule the presentations on Tuesdays while a sophomore teacher is on retreat.  you will be the substitute teachers covering the class.  you will show a new video and conduct a discussion with the students. This will be a full class period- so be prepared!!!

if you are absent for the day of your presentation please call Dr. Castellano and let us know you will not be able to represent!!!

 this webpage was revised for the new senior class of 2017

 We are meeting at dismissal: Tuesday May 24 for a quick informational meeting in the Auditorium for all juniors who are interested in joining the team for their senior year.

we will meet again in September, bring your schedule we need your free periods!

please read the information below so that you will have a better idea of your responsibilites on our prevention team!!