Peer Counsling


Mr. Sileo

Mr. Lombardo
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Update for: Peer Counsling

Peer Counselors provide a vital service to the St. Francis Prep. community. Towards the conclusion of junior year these fine students are nominated by faculty members who work with the junior class. The nominations are based on the qualities of; a warm and friendly manner, leadership ability, enthusiastic spirit, responsibility, and taking initiative. Those students who agree to join the program are assigned to a small group of incoming freshman, writing letters of welcome to them during the summer. On the first day of school for freshman, the peer counselors meet with their groups to help students to feel more comfortable, learn their way around the building, and to discuss academics and the activities program. As the school year progresses follow-up visits occur during extended Cor periods in order to discuss various school related topics. In addition, peer counselors assist the Guidance Department in the Career Center to work with students at all grade levels to explore occupational information. They are also called upon to assist with freshman group interviews and course selection advisement. Peer counselors are recognized for the important contributions that they make to the SFP community


"We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing.  Action always generates Inspiration.  Inspiration seldom generates action."

Hello Peer Counselors,

We need to collect a list of your free periods.  Please keep in mind that we can check your schedules to verify your frees.  We will pass something to you all in Cor.

Please have a list of your free periods to either Mr. Sileo or Mr. Lombardo As Soon As Possible!

Thank You