The Little Portion Literary Magazine


Mr. Hafker
All Activities are open to any student at SFP!
Update for: The Little Portion Literary Magazine

St. Francis Prep's literary arts magazine since 1957 consists of a staff of approximately 30 students who meet Tuesdays, and discuss and evaluate student-submitted poems and short stories.  Artwork and photographs from Prep's art students are also submitted for review.  An annual reading and open mic takes place every May to celebrate the release of our new issue. 

Students interested in submitting their work should email it directly to Mr. Hafker at and write LP SUBMISSION on the subject line.  Don't forget to include your Cor #. Work is shown to the staff anonymously so the judging is fair.

Please note:  All submitted work must have copious amounts of original imagery and metaphors/similes, a clear speaker and setting.  AVOID BEING VAGUE.  AVOID CLICHE.  Make sure your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are impeccable.
 Remember--poetry is the best words in their best order...